High School/Junior High School

Dear parents and guardians,

           First and foremost, I want to inform all of the community members, parents, and students about the new staff that we will have for the 2014/2015 school year. I feel we were able to find some really great people that will make a positive impact in the near future with our students and our district. Below is a brief synopsis of who, what, and additional information of the new hires for Wynford JH and HS.

           Mr. Jordan Oliver will be hired as a full time social studies teacher and has committed to coach football, basketball, and baseball. I think we are all aware of Jordan's playing abilities, but he is a GREAT teacher and coach too. I have heard from every person called and teachers at the elementary that he is a great teacher. I look forward to observing this young man in the near future. He has been collaborating with several staff members already to be prepared for the new school year.

           Mr. Bobby Davis is coming in as a half time social studies teacher and has committed to coach football, basketball, and baseball. He is currently a GA at Heidelberg for football and was a varsity level basketball coach. He has already worked well with Billy Banta and Jordan Oliver to better his craft as a Social Studies teacher. I am impressed with his desire to get better and blend into our coaching staff prior to getting paid. He was one of two applicants for the ½ time position. He stood out head and shoulders over the competition.

           Ms. Erin Duffy is filling in for Tony Young's vacated art position. Erin was a three year varsity swim club member at Miami of Ohio. She has a quality and diverse art portfolio. She is highly interested in collaboration with various subject matters.  Erin has been in the building putting together an inventory of supplies and generating ideas for the new year. I have met with Ms. Duffy an two occassions and have hashed out some rather unique projects that span time and history.

           Mr. Mark DeLaney will be teaching PE and will be our next head basketball coach. In addition, he will help run our period "0" weight lifting class which will provide our athletes a nutritional and physical fitness advantage. His basketball coaching is full of energy and with a technique first approach. If he teaches the same ferocity as he coaches, our students are in for a great PE experience.

           Mr. Joe Staab will be coming in as our science teacher for Lee Rowlinson. Joe is the son of Rusty Staab, the Head baseball coach at Clear Fork that won a state title in baseball just a few years ago.  Joe will teach Science 1, Algebra 1, and JH math classes. Joe has been in the building several times to work in his room and has taken various textbooks home for review. Joe has sought out other teachers to "run ideas" by and get ready for the new school year.

           Mrs. Carla Colon is coming in as our Spanish teacher. I have had several educational conversations with Carla already. She grew up in Puerto Rico, was a former music teacher, and has tutored Spanish for several years. She has worked as hard as any teacher I have on staff trying to get everything around for the new school year and to think, without pay. Carla is a talent for sure! She has played in the Mansfield Symphony and the Cleveland Philharmonic Orchestra. I think our kids will respond to her in ways we have not seen in quite sometime. I am truly impressed!

           Mr. Matt Safford is coming to us from Huron HS. Matt was an Assistant Band Director for Huron and has seven years of experience as a choir director. I have shown the district and the local area to Matt. He was impressed with the "small town" feel that he has already purchased a house. Matt has performed in musicals and Barber Shop Quartets for several years. 

           Ms. Erin Emser is coming to us from Westlake, OH. Erin is first year English teacher that was interviewed with Matthew O'Brien and I. I thought this was the most important hire for us as a school. The hire had to have a strong content knowledge, be great with kids, and willing to work well with others. She has come down on two occassions and worked with Mr. O'Brien putting in a full day mapping out the first semester of the year.

August 12th is the Band Cedar Point trip

August 13th is JH and HS schedule pick up from 7AM-3 PM

August 14th at 7:00 PM is the new student, 7th grade orientation in the auditorium

August 21st  is the first day of school

Mr. Jeffrey A. Holbrook

Wynford 7-12 Principal 


















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