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Parents and guardians,

Welcome to Wynford HS web page! We also offer a Facebook site entitled "Wynford High School" if you would like to follow for instant notifications on High School related information. Wynford High School takes great pride in our academic excellence as well as our athletic achievements and look forward to a new year of setting the bar high for our student population.

BW3's in Ontario, OH has partnered with Wynford High School to help raise money for the Blue Gray White academic incentive program. On Monday October 5th if you dine in or take out from the Ontario BW3's they will donate 20% of all pretaxed bills back to Wynford in the BGW program. You must present a ticket/certificate upon arrival to notify them that bill will be donated back to us. You do NOT need to be from the Wynford community to help us out, please feel free to share this information and tickets anyway you see fit.

Here are the simple directions to help the BGW fund:

1-Print off a ticket/certificate (See TICKET link below for the PDF)

2-Go to the Ontario BW3's anytime Monday, October 5th

3-Present ticket/certificate to the server

4-Order dine in or take out

5-Enjoy the great food!


September 4th driving applications are due to the HS office

Finally, before September 4th all drivers that park in Wynford parking lot regardless of Pioneer or Wynford HS student must have their cars registered in the HS office and tags displayed in plane site or the rear view mirror. Below is a copy of the form that needs to be completed, $5.00 paid in check (Wynford High School) or cash, and turned into the High School office. Please feel free to print this version off and use. All cars that were not displaying their tags were given a copy on 8/21/15.



Student’s Name____________________________________ Date__________________


Insurance Policy Information:

Company______________________________     Make of Vehicle_________________

Policy Number__________________________     Year of Vehicle__________________

Agent ________________________________       Color of Vehicle_________________

Driver License No.______________

License Plate No._______________

I hereby give my permission for (name)______________________________________to

drive a motor vehicle to school and thus I assume responsibility for him/her as a careful driver. I have listed above the car, truck, or motor vehicle that he/she may have my permission to drive. Driving to school is a privilege and can be denied if rules are not followed.

Signed _________________________________________________________________

                       Parent or Guardian’s Signature

In the interest of safety for all the elementary children, all the high school students, and any other pedestrians, I PROMISE TO FOLLOW ALL RULES for safe driving as directed by the Wynford Board of Education, the faculty, the administrative officers of Wynford Local School, and the law enforcement agencies. Driving to school is a privilege and can be denied if rules are not followed. A parking permit must be purchased for $5.00 from the high school office and must be displayed in your vehicle at all times. This permit is transferable to all vehicles driven by you. If you lose or damage the permit, a new permit must be purchased.


                    Student’s Signature

Return completed form to the high school office promptly.

Permit Number (office use only): ________________



Jeff Holbrook

Wynford HS Principal

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